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Tribute to Fidel Castro - 25 November 2021 Freedom Park

The Cuban Embassy in South Africa commemorates the 5th death anniversary of Fidel Castro’s wreath-laying ceremony here at Freedom Park.  

Castro's solidarity with the anti-apartheid movement will never be forgotten. He was a source of inspiration and courage for all those who value and fought for freedom. In Castro, activists found a leader willing to share the flaming rhetoric as well as practical guidance to freedom at a time when Africa had few political allies. Those liberation leaders became the founding fathers of modern Africa, and they never forgot Cuba’s help.

His death was a loss not limited to Cuba or a particular ideology, but to the oppressed and stood up to every attempt at stifling the voice of freedom. His contribution and unflinching support for South Africa’s cause on various fora will always remain deeply etched in the minds and hearts of the South African people.


Date:        25 November 2021

Venue:     Sanctuary

Time:       16H00 – 17H00

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