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December 16th - MK60 Anniversary Celebration 2021

The Day of Reconciliation acts as a catalyst for reconciliation and nation building.  Our first democratically elected South African President and the Patron-in-chief of Freedom Park, Dr Nelson Mandela, captured the essence of this day in his address on Nation Reconciliation Day, 16 December 1995:  “There are few countries which dedicate a national public holiday to reconciliation. But then there are few nations with our history of enforced division, oppression and sustained conflict. And fewer still, which have undergone such a remarkable transition to reclaim their humanity . . . This Day of Reconciliation celebrates the progress we have made; it reaffirms our commitment; and it measures the challenges.”

 As an institution tasked with promoting reconciliation, social cohesion and nation building, Freedom Park together with the Department of Military Veterans will commemorate MK’s 60th Anniversary Celebration. The celebration will recognize those comrades, citizens of different nationalities from outside of our borders, from neighbouring countries, from our continent and from the wider world who participated in and supported MK through their actions always in danger and often at great personal cost. An important part of the celebrations will be to contextualise the formation of MK in 1961 during the period of liberation of many countries of our continent from the shackles of colonialism.


Date:    16 December 2021

Time:    10h00

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