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Freedom Park offers free entrance this December 16 – //hapo Only!

In articulating the importance and significance of December 16, we are guided by our Constitution, which is the blueprint for the building of a new nation, from the ashes of our painful past. we solemnly remember that our freedom was not free.

It came at a high price. Many gallant heroes and heroines, whose names are immortalised on the Wall of Names, made the ultimate sacrifice for humanity and freedom.

By commemorating this day, we remember the generations of leaders and ordinary South Africans who came before us. Freedom Park is for each and every South African, It is our responsibility to ensure that everybody has the opportunity to understand the significance and experience the benefits of this national icon. Moreover, drawing from the various communities we have the opportunity of uniting individuals from a rich tapestry of culture and race on this significant day. The Day of Reconciliation is about unity despite our perceived differences. It is about finding that common thread of humanity that runs through us all and building on that.


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