Celebrating the Life of Legendary Isanusi, Baba Credo Mutwa - 20 November 2021

Freedom Park together with the Everboon Foundation proudly presents Author’s Reflections: ‘In the Footsteps of my Forefathers.’ This dialogue boasts an eminent array of distinguished panellists.

Isanusi Credo Mutwa was a visionary, historian, seer, prophet, sculptor, painter, and inimitable individual with an uncanny ability to clearly understand the universe, the world and humanity was a fervent champion of African cultural heritage preservation. Isanusi Mutwa was consulted in his capacity as an organic intellectual in the visualization and construction of two key elements at Freedom Park. He was key to the architectural design and expression of /hapo. His visionary wisdom and knowledge on issues relating to the knowledge of rocks and boulders was immense. He also participated in the consecration of Isivivane.

As it stands today, //hapo’s cluster of buildings strongly references rusty red rock like forms, as a materialisation of local indigenous knowledge about the spiritual significance of lithic forms.

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