• The Voice of the South African People
    The Voice of the South African People

    Freedom Park weaves the South African tale in the voice of the South African people. Using the nation’s unique culture, heritage, history and spirituality, Freedom Park tells the previously untold stories.  It is the heart and soul of South Africa captured in one breath-taking space.

  • Welcome to the People's Shrine
    Welcome to the People's Shrine
  • The Beginning of Humanity
    The Beginning of Humanity

    Freedom Park presents and preserves the heritage, culture, spirituality and history of the nation. It aims to place the country’s culture and spirituality in a context that will be respected nationally and internationally. 

  • Hapo Museum
    Hapo Museum
  • Honoring our Heroes and Heroines
    Honoring our Heroes and Heroines

    A Mirror Image of the Nation’s Historical Consciousness

The President of the Republic of Mozambique visit Freedom Park

It is with a sense of great honor that we jot these humble notes in this important memorial which immortalises deeds of men and women who with sacrifice and their own lives have written the noblest pages of the history of the land of Mandela.

So let the respect and fondness of the Mozambicans be registered through this simple but natural and warm gesture of friendship and solidarity.

We pay our tribute to the heroes and we glorify the history of a fighting people.

We wish to recognise and value sacrifices of all those who consecrated their lives in the fight for the liberation of this land and those who today fight new battles for the respect of human rights and property rights, as well as for social equity and inclusion.

Filipe Jacinto Nyusi, The President of the Republic of Mozambique

Annual Report 2015/16

Freedom Park Annual Report 16 17

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