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Freedom Park offers you event facilities situated on the picturesque Salvokop, the 52 hectare site currently features a variety of individual function venues.

With its award-winning architecture, break taking views of Pretoria and unsurpassed atmosphere, Freedom Park offers the ideal venue for your event. See your event in our heritage

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Contact Our Events Coordinators Directly

Pamela Singh

Tel: +27 12 336 4551

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Magda Strydom

Tel: +27 12 336 4021

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Venues to offer


Suitable for: Dinners, Awards Ceremonies, Lectures, Presentations, Conferences

Gallery of Leaders

Suitable for: Cocktail Dinners, Networking Functions, Awards Ceremonies, Lectures, Presentations, Conferences, basically suitable for any type of event


Suitable for: Cocktail,Banquet Dinners, Wedding Reception, Launch Events, Seminars, Lectures etc. Any event type


Suitable for: School trips, family picnics or small company picnics

The table below illustrates the proposed venue hire charges:

Name of Venue & capacity New fees
Sanctuary (120) R   10 000/day
Moshate (24) R   5 000/day
Gallery of leaders (250) R   11 000/day
Amphitheatre (2000) R    26 000/day
Uitspan plek (Open)
Uitspan plek (Exclusive*)
R 2 000/day 
R 5 000/day
Hiring of the whole Park (3 000) R 100 000/day

For more information about venue rates

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Events Booking Form

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Annual Report 2017/18

Annual Report 17 18

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what's on

Sat Nov 24 @12:00AM
Private Wedding - Ms Mpho Mahlaula & Thato
Sat Nov 24 @ 8:30AM - 11:30AM
Boy Child Mentorship Programme
Sat Dec 01 @12:00AM
World Aids Day Concert

Venue Hire

With its award-winning architecture, breath-taking views of Pretoria and incredible atmosphere, Freedom Park offers an ideal venue for all events.

Virtual Tour

Get a glimpse of what Freedom Park has to offer; from the places of remembrance, the tales of our past, and the celebration of our cultures. Take a virtual tour.