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Freedom Park in collaboration with the Cuban Embassy will honour Nelson Mandela’s Legacy in Solidarity with Cuba in the year of his Centenary.

The significance of the battle encourages an appreciation of the importance that global solidarity played in the emancipation of Southern Africa and Africa. The commemoration of this battle pays homage to all those who made the ultimate sacrifice for South Africa’s liberation. Through this collaboration we hope to encourage reconciliation and nation building. 

This is Africa’s time! The eyes of the world are focused on our continent. If the 21st century is to belong to the African continent, we need a reawakening of pride and ownership in our unique and vibrant identity as Africans.  This rebirth should start with the youth – our future.

As we celebrate this month our aim should always be to strengthen the framework of African solidarity. The ties that bind us span country borders and unite our brothers and sisters into a global African community. Freedom Park is synonymous with reconciliation – with the coming together and strengthening of the ties that bind us. This month will mark another step on the route to reconciliation amongst our fellow African countries. If we are to realise the ideals of Pan-Africanism, we must explore and embrace our shared roots.

freedom day

South Africa celebrates freedom and commemorates the first post-apartheid elections held on that day in 1994. Freedom Park honors this day by opening it's doors to the public for free to come and reflect on the legacy and heritage of our Heroes and Heroines that fought for this liberation.

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