Freedom Park in collaboration with the Denis Goldberg Foundation presents the World War II Exhibition.

World War 2 Invites

“Since Denis Goldberg, ANC veteran, saw this exhibition six years ago in Germany he has wanted to present it in South Africa and throughout Africa. People in Africa and elsewhere who fought for the liberation of the world from Nazi terror and fascism deserve to be acknowledged and to be respected. It is a spiritual and psychological restitution that the world has to make. The exhibition is a timely contribution to the current discussions at South African Universities on the "decolonisation of education." The exhibition has been widely displayed in various cities in Germany. It has been translated into English so that it may be shown in numerous venues in South Africa and in Africa and perhaps other countries of the Third World.”                                                                                                                   

Courtesy Denis Goldberg Foundation

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Free Entry for women only – 9th August Women`s day

Freedom Park will be partially closed due to a event at the Garden of remembrance, however //hapo Museum will be open for tours. And since it is National Women's Day, it will be free entrance for women. Come and enjoy your day with us

Happy Women's Day

womens month 2017

To all the women out there, wishing you a fabulous Women’s Day!

This is a tribute to you for the selfless work that you do; and the many sacrifices that you may encounter; being mothers, career women, friends, wives. So many hats to wear yet you do it with so much grace and dignity. You are a WOMAN and within you lies the power to achieve many great things!

Historically as we echo the clarion call of “61 years of women united against poverty, inequality and unemployment", the iconic events of 9 August 1956, when women from all races and walks of life organised a march to the Union Building in protest against oppressive Apartheid laws, that was the turning point in our country’s history.  On that day women took a pivotal step on a road that has paved the way for women to be treated as equal partners in all sectors, including Parliament and Government. 

Our Gallery of Leaders is testimony to the role that women played in making that indelible mark and continue to make in our country. By highlighting the tremendous achievements of South African women, Freedom Park’s mandate is always to empower and enhance women’s roles in our society. Our focus should continually be on creating large-scale awareness of the endless possibilities for women in South Africa.


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World War 2 Exhibition
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World War 2 Exhibition
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World War 2 Exhibition

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