Also known as the International Working Women’s Day, March 8 is a special day for women. Celebrating this day every year is a call out to everyone around the world to stand up for the equality and freedom for all women, as well as their contribution to society. Paying a homage to the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women, the day brings an air of change with it.

A woman gives birth to a newborn, and is still called as the “weaker sex”. Isn’t it ironic? A mother, a daughter, a wife, a sister, a friend, a nurturer and a guiding light — she plays multiple roles!

Spend the day with women you are closest to you and make the day extra special for them. If you are miles away from them, a small text can make a difference and keep them smiling the entire day.

“When the world was created, you were created to beautify it and you have certainly done a great job because the world is smiling for you today”.

On behalf of the CEO Happy International Women’s Day!

Freedom Park will be closed tomorrow 4 March 2017 due to an event that will take place. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. 

Media Statement

28 February 2017

Freedom Park, Finland Embassy, The Departments of Arts and Culture and Education hold a Heritage Seminar.

Today, Tuesday 28 February, Freedom Park, the Finland Embassy, Departments of Arts and Culture and Education will hold a seminar on applied heritage. The seminar comes as part of the Three Year Plan implementation programme the Department of Arts and Culture (DAC) continues to support and extend the programme. A number of heritage related activities are planned as part of realising the goals of the envisaged Three Year Programme.

Some of the goals of the seminar are to create an environment where heritage practitioners, educational officials, students pursuing the heritage field, etc. could engage on issues around heritage education and applied heritage.  

The seminar will be followed by meetings, workshops and Time Travel events. According to the Three Year Plan document, all provinces should have active Bridging Ages structures by 2019. Presently, Bridging Ages South Africa (BASA) has a footprint in the Western Cape, KZN, Gauteng, North West, Northern Cape and Mpumalanga.  The aim is to ensure that all provinces have active structures which benefit institutions and communities participating in the Time Travel method.

Freedom Park has been involved in the Time Travel Programme since 2008.  During that period a number of related activities were achieved including conducting the Time Travel activities, attendance of national and international conferences, participation in stakeholder meetings, etc.

Freedom Park has also been involved in Bridging Ages activities that resulted in collaborations Meetings between the Swedish and South African ministers and  Signing of the letter of intents.

Date: 28 February 2017

Venue: Sanctuary, Freedom Park, Pretoria

Time: 9h00


Naomi Madima

Freedom Park

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Jabulani Phelago

Freedom Park

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