Remembering "a heroic son of our people" Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu

solomon mahlangu

On the morning of 06 April 1979, Mahlangu, a heroic son of our people and dedicated member of the African National Congress was executed by the white minority racist regime.

Comrade Mahlangu, a young hero of the South African revolutionary struggle, a survivor of the Soweto and other massacres perpetrated throughout the country by the fascist regime in 1976, a dedicated opponent of racism, Apartheid and colonial domination, was hanged in Pretoria at 6 a.m. on Friday, April 6th, 1979.

"Tell my people that i love them and that they must continue the struggle. My blood will nourish the tree that will bear the fruits of freedom. Aluta Continua!"
- Solomon Mahlangu -

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Freedom Park mourns the death of struggle icon - Ahmed Kathrada

uncle kathy

On the eve of Freedom Month a great struggle hero has fallen. As we mourn the death of Ahmed Kathrada we do so as in the spontaneous outpouring of grief in South Africa and elsewhere and is testimony to the reverence and admiration he inspired.

As one of the founding fathers of democratic South Africa, he provided a healing touch to a people bruised by decades of subjugation and violence. In doing so, he embraced the path of truth and reconciliation. He nurtured the next generation of leaders who were actively engaged in the struggle to ensure a smooth succession and continuity. His towering presence and stature was a source of reassurance to a world facing a crisis of leadership. His departure has left a deep void. History will recall with gratitude his enormous contribution to humanity. His legacy and the principles to which he dedicated his life will continue to inspire generations to follow. We take time to reflect on the ideals and values that he and his generation stood for.


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