24 years ago a great giant fell. We remember the indomitable courage and sacrifice of Chris Hani and we salute this brave martyr.

A culture of service and tolerance: These were the lessons from Chris Hani. As one of the greatest poets in human history wrote: “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that gives flowers, not thunder.”

This is the land where legends were born - of poetry and beauty, of valour and honour, of pride and generosity, of the warmest embrace of friendship and the strongest resistance for freedom. The previous generation of heroes and heroines was the wisdom of this magnificent land. And, in this century, the great heroes of our time waged an epic struggle of courage and resolve to shape our future. Their sacrifices must not go in vain. The flame of hope should not die. As we remember you we do so knowing your life was cut short brutally for your vision and statesmanship that only came from great patriots.

As Hani said often: “We as the ANC-led liberation alliance, have nothing to fear, and everything to gain, from a climate of political tolerance. We do not fear open contest and free debate with other organizations. Open debate can only serve to uncover the bankruptcy of our political opponents.”