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This week, the Outreach unit will embark on an extensive community outreach aimed at taking Freedom Park and its message of patriotism and pride in our identity, culture, history and heritage as South Africans and Africans to schools and communities across South Africa.

Starting in KZN with celebrations around Mandela Day; then moving to Northwest and Mpumalanga with the Nzalo Roadshow. This is an extremely ambitious endeavour but one that we believe imperative. Freedom Park is for all South Africans. Each and every South African should thus be aware that there is a place dedicated to them; to their history, heritage, culture and spirituality. This means that Freedom Park has a target audience of more almost 55 million. What makes this even more challenging is that a large majority of this staggering number is unable to visit Freedom Park. It is for this reason that the initiative of ‘Taking Freedom Park to the nation’ was introduced.