Emancipation of slavery invites 2017

On Thursday 30th November Freedom Park will host the Emancipation of Slavery commemoration right here at Freedom Park.

We will commemorate the emancipation of Slavery Day as it is celebrated each year in Cape Town. Activities on this day, are focused on celebrating freedom and remembrance of those who fought for freedom. Emancipation of Slavery Day is celebrated on 1 December. Celebrating this remarkable day in history brings ordinary people together, singing, praying and celebrating freedom. Celebration, freedom, “I am a free people”, these were the words spoken by the free slaves.

Emancipation was passed in the British Empire and slaves were set free on 1 December 1834, although they had to serve a further four years as 'apprentices'. The freed slaves took to the streets in celebration, and began the tradition of the Cape Carnival.

It is therefore opportune that on Thursday, here at Freedom Park on the eve of Reconciliation Month we will commemorate the Emancipation of Slavery Day. You are most welcome to attend.

Date:    30 November 2017

Venue: Restaurant

Time:   10:00

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