Africa Month 31 May 2018

As we celebrate Africa Day we are mindful of the scars of South Africa’s turbulent past characterised by discrimination based on race, gender and so forth.  We understand the tragic consequences as we have experienced them first-hand.  It is therefore our duty to play a, if not the, significant role in humanity, freedom, reconciliation and nation building both continentally and internationally.  Neither our past or present situation may be unique, but it is the manner in which we managed to transition from a nation plagued by discrimination to a united force that demands respect internationally.  We have the ability. We have done it once before. We can and must do it again!  

31 May 2018 - Unity in Diversitycelebrating our African culture - the canvas of our culture is vast and has hues and vibrancy of all sorts. This festival is a celebration of all that is African, the warmth in relations and euphoria in celebrations attracts tourists to its vibrant culture which is an amalgamation of religions, food, art, craft, clothing, food, dance, music and other subtle things. Everything from culture, tradition, values, and customs will be the focus here.

See you there!

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