Heritage day 2018

During this significant month we get to understand the importance of our nationality; about who we are so that we can ultimately gain an appreciation and embody our unique history, culture, spirituality national symbols and indigenous systems. We should be talking about deeper things. About the impact of reconciliation and nation building; riveting as we unpack exactly that it means to be South African and African.


It is here where we discuss as a collective; how would the Park express, in brick and mortar, the fact that this land was soaked in human blood so that we could be free? And how would the Park would honour the far-ranging sacrifices by our people dead and alive which ensured the freedom of all South Africans?

Will we ever be one nation? And yet there is no other option. We must find each other, it is here at these seminars/workshops that we learn these things. If Freedom Park could contribute to reconciliation and nation- building, it could be said that we would have achieved one of the noblest aspirations of our people.

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Venue Hire

With its award-winning architecture, breath-taking views of Pretoria and incredible atmosphere, Freedom Park offers an ideal venue for all events.

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Get a glimpse of what Freedom Park has to offer; from the places of remembrance, the tales of our past, and the celebration of our cultures. Take a virtual tour.