Press Release: Freedom Park hosts the Sixth Annual Ungasali International Storytelling Festival 16 March 2019

                                                        Press Release

12 March 2019

For Immediate Release


Freedom Park hosts the Sixth Annual Ungasali International Storytelling Festival 16 March 2019


Ungasali is a storytelling festival hosted annually by Freedom Park, a national heritage destination and an agency of the department of arts and culture. The festival has taken place five consecutive years where more than 20 thousand South Africans witnessed vibrant content-rich storytelling performances. The Sixth Ungasali storytelling festival will take plays on 16 March 2019 under the theme” we are stories we tell”  Local storytellers and storytellers from as far as India, Kenya, Tanzania and Malawi will participate..

The aim of the festival is to enable interaction and communication among the South African public in their endeavour to realize the country’s goals of reconciliation, social-cohesion, national building, spirituality and emancipating the African voice. Promoting the use of Indigenous language is also paramount, as stories will be performed in different languages.

Unlike previous Ungasali storytelling festivals, this one takes a different format; the primary focus will be on community empowerment. Storytellers will take the festival to communities. Three mini festivals will take place at Filadelfia School of the deaf on, Pretoria West 14 March, and Danville stadiums on 15 March where more than a thousand people are expected attend. Experienced storytellers will conduct workshops at Stinkwater and Pimville libraries (the outreach programme is attached).

Freedom Park stands as a symbol of peace and reconciliation. It’s therefore not surprising that each year the organization invites the public and institutions to come and listen to stories of history, culture, and spirituality, as different professionals and upcoming storytellers from around the world and nationally perform storytelling.

Vendors will exhibit their products. Entrance fee is R55.00 adults and R35.00 learners/ children.

Members of the Media are welcome to join the Outreach programmes as well.

Details of the main event are as follows:

Date Saturday 16 March 2019

Time: 6h30: Interfaith Prayers

Time: 10h30 Storytelling Festival

Venue: //hapo Museum, Freedom Park, Pretoria


Jabulani Phelago: 012 336 4079/ 082 859 5939

Nomusa Mdlalose: 012 336 4973/ 076 909 7107


Media Enquiries:

Naomi Madima

012 336 4006/ 060 961 3851

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