Singapore Knowledge Exchange Visit to Freedom Park 15 March 2016

Press statement

Singapore Arts Museum Delegation visits Freedom Park

14 March 2016

The Singapore delegation led by Mr Kelvin Koh will on the 15th of March visit Freedom Park.

As part of this redevelopment effort, the Singapore Team  was tasked to  conduct  a couple of study visits globally to learn from the best institutions that share the similar vision; sharing of heritage and inspiring future generations, to help them better design and plan for the future SDC . In this regard, they identified Freedom Park, South Africa, with the hope that they could meet with its strategic development team to understand the considerations and challenges faced behind the development of some of the museum.


Singapore Discovery Centre (SDC)  is the key National Education institution in Singapore, focused and proud to share the Singapore (SG) Story; its challenges, growth and transformations, through our various interactive exhibitions, educational and engagement events. The SG Story is one that is dear to Singaporeans. At SDC the SG Story is more than just about the past, it is also about how nation progressed to the present time. SDC is entrusted with the singular outcome of inspiring Singaporeans to contribute to the future of Singapore and to bring the nation forward.

Some of the areas they hoped to understand included the narrative and the development concept for Freedom Park, the methodology on exhibition utilization, and the interpretation to educate different target groups.  How Freedom Park engages schools, youth and the public through   nation building and social cohesion programmes. Marketing and Communication programmes as well as general park operations. They also want to share SDC practices and strategies as well as to explore the possibility of a partnership between the two museums.

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Venue Hire

With its award-winning architecture, breath-taking views of Pretoria and incredible atmosphere, Freedom Park offers an ideal venue for all events.

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Get a glimpse of what Freedom Park has to offer; from the places of remembrance, the tales of our past, and the celebration of our cultures. Take a virtual tour.