Press Release Judge Albie Sachs Dialogue 7 June 2016

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6 June 2016


  Freedom Park conducts a dialogue with Judge Albie Sachs, on the  20 Anniversary of the South African Constitution.


Freedom Park’s Pan African Archives (PAA) will conduct the dialogue with Judge Albie Sachs on Tuesday 7 June 2016.  Freedom Park is celebrating   the 20th anniversary of the adoption of the South African Constitution by having dialogues with former and present judges of the Constitutional Court.

The first in this series will be an interview with Judge Albie Sachs. The objective of this dialogue is to reflect on the achievements of the Constitution, perspectives regarding its relevance in modern society and to what extent it has upheld the human rights of all citizens of South Africa.

PAA, forms the underlying knowledge base of all the components of the Park and the space where the research data of the Freedom Park is produced, stored, conserved and processed for the public consumption.  PAA has started collecting archives through two methods - donations and dialogues (interviews). 

This archive is a living archive that provides a discursive, dialogic and participatory site for the construction of public knowledge on the struggles for freedom and humanity.  It focuses on tapping on the human beings as repositories of memories, knowledge and experiences that should not only be recorded, documented and stored away but be used in the entire work of the Freedom Park.

 This archive nurtures democracy through being owned by the people and made by the people of South Africa, Southern Africa, Africa and the Diaspora.   All the people that participated in the struggle become potential archives of human memory that could be tapped.  Although most participants in the struggles for freedom and humanity did not leave written records of their activities, knowledge of what they did exists in their memories. 

The position articulated here is that memories should be captured, recorded and treated as documents like any written record.   

Details of the event are as follows:

Date: 7 June 2016

Time: 11h00-15h00

Venue: Freedom Park


Naomi Madima

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Lubi Ndaba

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