67 Poems for Freedom Press Release 2016

67 Poems for Freedom

Department of Afrikaans and Theory of Literature / Unisa Poetry Sessions

University of South Africa

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15 July 2016

For Immediate Release:

67 Poems for Freedom: Unisa’s Department of Afrikaans and Theory of Literature in collaboration with Unisa Poetry Society and Freedom Park are planning a poetry event in commemoration of Nelson Mandela Day on Monday, 18 July 2016 from 10:00 to 12:00 at Freedom Park.

Recordings of 67 original poems will be played on the theme of freedom in South Africa. This will be the poets’ way of showing their support for the 67 minutes initiative in commemoration of Nelson Mandela Day.

The event emphasises the importance of engaging with the concept of freedom in the South African context. What is the meaning of freedom twenty two years after South Africa’s first democratic election? How is freedom expressed in our daily lives as South Africans? The project is not only about celebrating freedom in its historical context, but also reinterpreting the concept of freedom in our daily lives as citizens of the country.

Poets that contributed to the project includes Aryan Kaganof, Johann Lodewyk Marais, Kobus Kotze, Gerda Taljaard-Gilson, Ayanda Mkutshulwa, Alwyn Roux, Emma Bekker, Xitha Makgeta, Phomolo Flex Sekamotho, Xabiso Zanabo Vili, and many others.

Date: Monday, 18 July 2016

Time: 10:00 to 12:00

Place: Freedom Park, Salvokop, City of Tshwane

Additional information about the event, together with details about how to get to the venue at the Freedom Park at Salvokop, will be provided on request.

The Organisers

Mr Ayanda Mkutshulwa and Dr Alwyn Roux

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