Press Release Embassy of Belguim and Freedom Park WW1 Exhibition Launch 6 April 2017

Press Release

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The Embassy of Belgium and Freedom Park Launch World War 1 exhibition “The Great War in Broad Outlines”

Pretoria 30 March 2017- Media is hereby invited to attend a media briefing of the World War 1(WW1) Exhibition.  The launch event will take place on Thursday 6 April 2017 at Freedom Park, Pretoria. Amongst other, War veterans, Researchers, Curators and Historians will deliver papers on the subject.

Between, 2014 and 2018, the world commemorates the centenary of the First World War. Belgium, which had its history shaped by the conflict and as the location of some of the main battlefields, plays a central part in the centenary commemorations.  WW1 is part of Freedom Park’s storyline, therefore, the collaboration between the Embassy of Belgium and Freedom Park. Is befitting.

The exhibition, titled, “The Great War in Broad Outlines”, is a travelling exhibition that is being shown around the world and will be in South Africa between April and May 2017.The exhibition evokes in a didactic manner, the main themes of the war but also the less known facts. Aspects directly related to South Africa, like the role of South Africans on the European and African battlefields, are also explained.

Members of Media are invited as follows:

Date: Thursday 6 April 2017

Time: 9h00

Venue: Freedom Park, Pretoria



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Freedom Park

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Embassy of the Kingdom of Belgium

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