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The Albinism Advocacy for Access Foundation launched their #ICanBe Campaign here at Freedom Park - 13 June 2019

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As a society in general, we get so used to the idea that when someone doesn't fit neatly into the boxes we have of what a person should look like, then we judge them. The Launch is to spread the word and help educate people about albinism. Young people living with albinism need to accept themselves for who they are, go for their goals and not allow people to break their spirits or take away their life experience from them.

Change attitudes – not only towards people living with albinism, but towards all persons that may seem different from us. Learning a little more about the condition will help other people to better understand it and raise awareness that will lead to greater acceptance by our communities.

The myths associated with albinism can be misleading and have a negative influence on the lives of people with the condition, as well as their families.

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Ahmed Timol Exhibiton
Tue Sep 24 @12:00AM
Heritage Day Celebration at Freedom Park

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