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67 Minutes for Madiba in the clean up of our site was a fulfilling and wonderful experience

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The call for 67 minutes for Madiba  resonates with a message of responsibility. “You must be the change you want to see in the world”.  All too often we forget that a small effort can make a tremendous difference.  We believe that unless we do something significant, the effort will not be worth the end result.  Yesterday we saw the shift in this mindset. Take the first step today and your effort – regardless of size and scope;  you can achieve the extraordinary. The choice was to make the effort, to get involved, to take the time and act in the benefit of our institution.

To the PP Team who coordinated the “after party’, to staff who contributed so willingly in time, effort and monetary: it was awesome and something that will be talked about for a long time.

Yesterday Mandela Day, brought a sense of togetherness, It is the sense of belonging that tugs at your heart when you smell the wet earth after a thunderstorm, when you hear the symphony of 11 languages melting into one voice, when you see the sun sinking behind a Mopani tree, as the laughter and music filled the air, amidst the incessant chatter and delicious food and drinks, it was time to unwind.

We were part of something unique and legendary – and that deserved some bragging!

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