Wishing all our Hindu staff, stakeholders, partners and collaborators a very Happy Diwali. This is the most significant day in the Hindu Calendar and during this 3 day festival let’s hope you enjoy the festivity that this day brings with all the pomp and grandeur as you celebrate with loved ones.

Freedom at the park Events1

It is with great pleasure, we invite you and Partner as our esteemed Guests of Honour to the Grand Opening of “Freedom @ the Park’s Unplugged Session” in partnership with Freedom Park, DandoZest, Veterans Voice Radio Station, RPM Events and Décor, Kobo Cuisine and Johannesburg Culinary and Pastry School.

certificate of recognition for Jane Mufamadi

Cuba’s involvement in Africa is a remarkable tale of selflessness, unconditional support and the invaluable contributions to the cause of freedom, justice and development which spans more than four decades.