Remembering Chris Hani

As we remember Chris Hani, let us not forget the ideals that he lived for are the ideals that inspire us as we relentlessly pursue the struggle for economic emancipation, non-racialism and a better life for all South Africans.

kathrada remembered

On the eve of Freedom Month we remember struggle hero Ahmed Kathrada. We pay tribute to this iconic struggle veteran as we did when he passed away two years ago and witnessed the spontaneous outpouring of grief in South Africa and elsewhere in the world; testimony to the reverence and admiration he inspired.

Sobukwe sharpville march


March 21 is a day that most South Africans rather want to forget, but for many it serves as a reminder of the country's dark past, one which they hope never to slide back to. Despite the emotion and sadness that engulfs Human Rights Day, activists say it should never be forgotten.

As we celebrate this day, we should do so with respect and appreciation of our fellow countrymen and woman who fell in the process of confronting the past injustices of apartheid. In this regard, we appreciate the role played by various generations of fighters who sacrificed their lives in the interest of a better South Africa. As we join the citizens of South Africa and the world as it celebrates Human Rights Day we do so in honour of all the heroes and heroines of the struggle. May you never be forgotten!