Kabelo with Fred Bronwell

Minister Nathi Mthethwa said Frederick Brownell, the man who designed and produced the South African flag, gave post-apartheid South Africa an identity. The Minister further alluded to Mr. Brownell as one of the greatest patriots and national heroes, former South African State Herald and the designer of our South African flag. In his lifetime Fred Brownell designed many coats of arms and  flags including the flag for Namibia. His flag was adopted in April 1994, replacing the old apartheid flag that had been used since 1928.


Good to Know: “When Roelf Meyer and President Cyril Ramaphosa presented the flag to the council, there was a long silence until all at once clapping broke out, the flag was a winner! and so this is the story of our national pride and the man who created the flag with 6 colours that united our nation”.

We pay tribute to Mr. Brownell who was synonymous with our democracy.