2019 Woman Day

As we herald in this auspicious month we can as women look back at how far we have already come and at the things we have achieved.  But these achievements also need to be our source of inspiration for the road ahead. This month we are inspired by the tremendous achievements of South African women  who aim to empower and enhance women’s roles in our society. We continue to celebrate and acknowledge the sacrifices of Women in the Struggle who shaped our freedom, we remember the values and beliefs that inspired our women leaders to greatness, initiatives so that the memory and legacy of our liberation heroines are promoted and preserved.


However a special tribute to the women of Freedom Park for the pivotal role that they have played in seeing the vision of Freedom Park become a reality. Over the past years, Freedom Park has emerged from a beautiful dream into one of South Africa’s heritage destinations of choice. Without the many inspiring, committed and talented women on our staff, this dream would not have become a reality.

Echoing the clarion call of “63 years ago when women united against poverty, inequality and unemployment", we commemorate and celebrate the iconic events of 9 August 1956, when women from all races and walks of life organised a March to the Union Building in protest against oppressive Apartheid laws. This event marked a turning point in our history and has paved the way for women being treated as equal partners in all sectors, including Parliament and Government. 

Annual Report 2018/19

2019 Freedom Park Annual Report

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