heritage celebration 2019

As we herald in this month that being Heritage and Tourism Month, we celebrate our rich heritage as South Africans. The theme for this year is “Reclaiming, restoring and celebrating our living heritage”.

The diversity of our beliefs, traditions, culture and language is that which sets us apart as a nation. It is a constant opportunity for each of us to grow, to learn and to be enriched.  As we celebrate who we are and where we come from, we invite each and every South African to celebrate with us – at a place that captures the heart and soul of South Africa in one breath-taking space: Freedom Park.

Freedom Park celebrates our rich and vibrant heritage, history and culture as South Africans and Africans. As we instill a sense of national pride in this icon of humanity and freedom we create an awareness that a site exists where those that died fighting for freedom and liberation in this country are being honoured,

This Heritage month we invite the public to visit Freedom Park and witness the majestic Wall of Names, it is here as you walk through the rows of names. Each name represents a legacy, a history, a life story. Our South African heritage is a proud, poignant and often painful one. But it is also one that speaks of triumph, perseverance and what we can accomplish as South Africans and Africans.

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Mon Sep 23 @12:00AM
Ahmed Timol Exhibiton
Tue Sep 24 @12:00AM
Ahmed Timol Exhibiton
Tue Sep 24 @12:00AM
Heritage Day Celebration at Freedom Park

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With its award-winning architecture, breath-taking views of Pretoria and incredible atmosphere, Freedom Park offers an ideal venue for all events.

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Get a glimpse of what Freedom Park has to offer; from the places of remembrance, the tales of our past, and the celebration of our cultures. Take a virtual tour.