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Freedom Park mourns the loss of Nkosi Zanomthetho. Freedom Park together with Nelson Mandela Museum conducted dialogues where Mandela’s early political life in the Eastern Cape had started.

Nkosi Thembinkosi Zanomthetho Mtirara, 43, the great-grandson of AbaThembu regent King Jongintaba Mtirara is mourned by abaThembu and amaDlomo. He had led his people since 2004. His great- grandfather Nkosi Jongintaba, raised the young Nelson Mandela at Mqhekezweni Great Place Following his release from prison, Mandela showed his gratitude to Jongintaba’s family, by helping them raise funds to build a high school in Mqhekezweni, and two big houses for the family at the great place and sent Nkosi Zanomthetho to tertiary.


On 26-30 November 2018 Freedom Park and Nelson Mandela Museum embarked on a project to conduct dialogues / interviews and captured the landscape and structures that were a primary influence in Mandela’s political life. Mqhekezweni Great Place, where Nkosi Zanomthetho was the Chief, was one of the villages were dialogues were conducted. Chief Zanomthetho was interviewed on the history of Abathembu and their chieftainship and also about life of Mandela during his stay in Mqhekezweni. He will be buried on February 21 at Mqhekezweni Great Place near Mthatha (Eastern Cape).

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