Press Statement: Freedom Park together with Ahmed Timol Trust invites you to the Ahmed Timol Exhibition and Dialogue

Pretoria, 14 October 2019

Freedom Park in partnership with the Ahmed Timol Trust invites the media to a historic exhibition and dialogue of a formidable struggle hero and a fallen comrade Ahmed Timol.

The notorious security police jokingly coined the term 'Indians Can't Fly' when Ahmed Timol supposedly jumped to his death from the 10th floor of John Vorster Square Police Station on the 27th of October 1971. Timol was about to become one of the most 'celebrated' official murder victims of apartheid in South Africa as his death reverberated around the country and the world.

The man who became corpse number 3991/71 became a celebrity, his death; an important milestone in the history of the liberation struggle. The apartheid regime believed it had crushed all opposition to the state, but activists like Timol kept up the struggle, ultimately his death served as an inspiration to many other activists to continue to fight for the democracy we enjoy in South Africa today.

Forty seven years later Freedom Park pays tribute to this legendary young activist and is deeply honoured to host a compelling Exhibition and captivating Dialogue with eminent panelists on the life of Ahmed Timol.

We pay tribute to his achievements as a human being, leader, freedom fighter and son. He was truly one of those exceptional human beings who brought about qualitative leaps in the struggle for humanity and freedom internationally. Ahmed Timol’s life tells the story of a nation and its people subjected to the most brutal forms of torture, of the infringement and abuse of basic human rights but provides a voice to the often untold history of South Africa and its people

But justice came 46 years later and it was what we had hoped and prayed for when a court found that Timol was murdered in October 1971 and did not commit suicide, as the apartheid courts declared at the time. Timol fought for justice and human rights for all.

Retired cop Joao Rodrigues, 81, who is accused of the murder of anti-apartheid activist Ahmed Timol, will go on trial in December. The South Gauteng High court said Rodrigues, will finally be in the dock for the murder, which happened four decades ago.

Venue:  //hapo

Time:     9h00am – 14h00pm

Date:     22 October 2019


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