Press Release: Freedom Park invites you to a celebration of International Disability Month

27 November 2019, Freedom Park invites the media in commemorating International Disability Month on the 6th December 2019.

Every year December is commemorated as Disability Awareness Month, and this year’s theme, ‘Together Building South Africa Inclusive of Disability Rights. The right of persons with disabilities to access employment opportunities is enshrined in various pieces of national and international legislation, and it is our collective responsibility to empower and assist persons with intellectual disability to access these rights.

This event highlights the dire need for information that the public continue to ensure that the rights of persons with disabilities have equal access to employment opportunities and that their rights be protected and upheld. Freedom Park is thrilled to drive positive change by its support of like-minded organisations by illustrating that at work, it’s what people can do that matters. This event will highlight and promote the message that youth with disabilities should grow up expecting to work and succeed. Freedom Park aims to empower the youth to realise their potential to not only make a positive change in their community but also to pursue their dreams.

The guests will be treated to various motivational speakers, after which there will be an opportunity for them to express their views and opinions, as well as ask questions. Entertainment will be provided in the form of various cultural performances. If we want to leave the youth with one message it would be that you can do it! In a community rife with poverty, ignorance and unemployment, we want to bring a message of motivation, self-worth and strong community values, based on our rich history, heritage and culture.

Freedom Park is dedicated to those who suffered so that South Africa can be free. It tells of where we come from, why we are where we are today and of the events that shaped our country and its people. More importantly, it showcases where South Africa is going as a nation.

Details of the Event:


Venue:  Freedom Park

Time:     10h00am – 13h30pm

Date:     6 December 2019

Media Enquiries:


Naomi Madima

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Contact: 012 336 4006/ 060 961 3851


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