Sinakho Leadership Support and Skills Development Centre (Langa, Cape Town) together with Freedom Park (Tshwane, Pretoria) are launching an initiative which seeks to celebrate the youth of Langa through the creation of an Award which speaks to Langa’s historical past and present generation. It is an initiative directed at celebrating its heroes and heroines, those who have made societal and developmental contributions in uplifting and supporting the populace of inner city township.

Sinakho Leadership Support and Skills Development Centre (SLSSDC), located in Langa, is a Non-Profit Values-based Organisation, serving the communities of Langa, Gugulethu, Bonteheuwel and the greater Athlone area with an opportunity for the development of entrepreneurial and self-sustaining skills. The Bridging Heritage Gap” programme is informed by the notion of ''Learn to Lead" and "Learn to Enterprise" operational framework. The ethos of the Centre is governed by an understanding of leadership that is rooted in moral values and ethical system that underpin all the operational engagements of the organization

Freedom Park, located on Salvokop, Tshwane (Pretoria), is a site designed and built to honour those who sacrificed their lives in the struggle for a free and democratic South Africa. It is a place of celebration and a tribute to African dignity, human dignity and is a place for the renewal of the human spirit. It has as its mission the mobilisation of active partnerships with national, continental and international institutions to emancipate the African Voice.

In light of the shared objectives, the management of Sinakho LSSDC and Freedom Park has identified the need for the celebration of heroes and heroines at the local level, Langa, as a start. Thus, in order to rectify and establish a new paradigm, the above organisations have collaborated in an initiative to introduce a multi-year program for the recognition and celebration of people who have contributed in various fields; political-culture, sport, art, culture, music, religion, community care, socio-economic development, including African Knowledge Systems and practices. A special celebration has to extend to the mothers and daughters whose support of each other and of those who had gone to confront the agents of colonial and apartheid regimes. 

Langa is the first site and serves as an introduction to a much lengthier project. It is the oldest black township in the Western Cape, developed as a result of the Native Urban Areas Act of 1923. The Awards represent a milestone for the people and the heritage of Langa Township as we  prepare for the centenary celebrations of the township. The program will therefore expand, in an effort to educate and motivate our youth to a better life. This Theme,  “Bridging the Gap”, the celebration of local culture and heritage, tangible and intangible, will remain in our calendars until the next generation of Langa matures and takes over leadership of this initiative. We derive our inspiration from the everyday life and customs of the people of Langa and hope that they continue to inspire and be our inspiration.

Finally, we extend a hearty invitation to all to attend Langa Legends Heritage Official Opening Event on the 22nd of February 2020  and begin the journey with us.

Members of the Media are Invited as Follows:

Date: 22 February 2020

Time: 10h000-13h00

Venue: Guga S’Thebe Auditorium, Langa



Tembeka Ngcebetsha-Mooij: 079 500 6476


Dr Guma: 081 728 5954




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