Media Release - Planting of the Bapedi Ancestral Flower by His Majesty King Thulare III

For Immediate release

20 November 2020

Freedom Park together His Majesty the King of the Bapedi Nation, King Thulare III invites you to the Planting ceremony of the Bapedi Ancestral Flower at Freedom Park on Monday 23 November at 08:00, honouring 16 Days of Activism against Women and Children.

The ancestral Flower will be emblematic of this scourge that we are now confronted with: Gender Based Violence. It will  seek to symbolically address the need for reconciliation and nationbuilding  at Freedom Park as we identify any divisive elements such as conflict, trauma and pain brought about by Gender Based Violence  and then seeking ways of bring closure and launching those affected on a route of healing. It is this position on healing that is expressed at Freedom Park in various physical and symbolic ways throughout the elements in the Park.

The planting of the ancestral flower by the Bapedi Nation is noteworthy and befitting as Freedom Park preserves, protects and promotes Indigenous Knowledge systems but more than that it is here where the nation will come to heal, to debate and to come to new understandings. Moreover, Freedom Park is a place of reconciliation and nation building, a place where the nation would learn to focus on that which unites us, instead of being blinded by that which separated in the past. It would be a place where stereotypes would be exposed and obliterated.

Collaborating with Religious and Traditional institutions is paramount as we launch the nation on a route of healing, of acceptance and forgiveness and opening up and exploring new avenues of social cohesion.


Venue Freedom Park

Time:  8h00 – 10h00

Date: 23 November 2020


Rogini Govender

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