Freedom Park in partnership with Sosha fm  and Ditsala Children’s Shield and Projects, will on Monday 03 October 2016 welcome back home an 11 year old girl Reabetswe Mmekwa  the founder of Ditsala Children’s Shield and Projects  from Greece. Reabetswe was crowned The Queen of Little Miss Continent and the First Princess of the Earth this year. Little Miss Continent qualified her to compete in Little Miss World 2016 in Greece.  She left for Greece on Saturday the 24th September 2016, to represent South Africa and Africa.

Amongst her other accolades, she has been made an Ambassador for e’Pap, a n food programme that aims to eliminate Malnutrition in Africa. As a

First Princess for Little Miss Earth, she is currently working towards raising awareness about Global Warming and supporting Eco-Systenm Technologies as well

As other water-saving methodologies.


Reabetswe has worked closely with various Organisations including Nelson Mandela Children's Fund (MC), Department of Social Development, and Department of

Women, Children and People living with Disabilities. She has managed to create a national children’s interactive group and recruited young people around the country for good causes such as children’s rights, social welfare and humanitarian issues.

From humble beginnings in the deep rural village of Pankop in Mpumalanga, little Reabetswe Mmekwa (then 8 years old) was glued to her grandmother’s radio when

She heard a certain plea to help others. Little did she know that her decision to take action will lead to the birth of the youngest children’s organisation that is run by children, which became known as Ditsala Children Shield & Projects.

The main objective of Reabetshe’s organisation is to touch and impact the lives of young people. Currently the organisation is running a campaign that aims to fight malnutrition and restoring the dignity of a girl child by collecting sanitary towels. This campaign also focuses on challenging boy children and men to contribute positively in their communities.  Reabetswe came to a realization that children miss school and some are even using cow dung, old clothes, and grass, to try and cope with challenges of menstruation. Touched by the plight of young girls she took a stand, to campaign for sanitary towels donations.

Reabetswe returns back to South Africa tomorrow Monday the 3rd Oct 2016. Members of media are invited to join Freedom Park, Sosha fm and Ditsala Children Shield and Projects whilst welcoming back home from Greece , an 11 year old heroine. 


Details of the event are as follows:

Date: Monday 03 October 2016

Time: 10h00-13h00

Venue: Freedom Park

Naomi Madima

Freedom Park

012 336 4006 / 060 961 3851

Email:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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