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14 October 2016

For Immediate Release




A delegation from The University of California(UCLA) in the United States of America will on 18 October donate digitized equipment  to the value of R3 million to Freedom Park’s Pan African Archives. The UCLA sourced funding on behalf of Freedom Park from the International Digital Ephemera Project (IDEP) which aims at digitizing, preserving and providing open access to unique content from around the world. Different stakeholders like academics, researchers, archivists, historians, librarians and officials from various sectors will attend the event.

Freedom Park has been at the forefront of collaborative digital archives across the African continent and the world at large for several years. This digitization project will be the main activity that will make archives easily accessible to the users. It will also reduce the handling and use of fragile or heavily used original material. It will develop collaborative resources and an opportunity to share partnerships with other institutions.

Digitization will create virtual collection and increase world wide access, enhance preservation of records by reducing wear and tear on the originals for reference and production, provide access to those  materials that can no longer be accessed in their original format and maintain long term access. Pan Africa Archives is an archive which is discursive and dialogic. This repository will benefit   researchers, academics, journalists, historians, educators, learners, students and the public in general.     


Members of Media are invited as follows:



Date: Tuesday 18 October 2016

Time:  18h00-20h00

Venue: Freedom Park, Pretoria


Naomi Madima

Freedom Park

012 336 4006 / 060 961 3851

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Lubi Ndaba

Freedom Park

012 336 4080/ 082 851 4203

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