Press Release

30 November 2016


Freedom Park Commemorates the Emancipation of Slavery Day In Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town 30 November 2016.



Freedom Park will today 30 November 2016, in partnership with Help to Care SA, Castle of Good Hope, Iziko Museums and The Department of Correctional Services, commemorate the emancipation of Slavery Day. This day is celebrated each year in Cape Town. Activities on this day, are focused on   celebrating  freedom and remembrance of those who fought for freedom.

Emancipation of Slavery day is celebrated on 01 December. Celebrating this remarkable day in history brings ordinary people together, singing, praying celebrating freedom. Today’s event serves as a springboard and a built up for the commemoration.  2016 marks the 350th Anniversary of the Castle of Good Hope and with such rich history and culture, this year’s celebrations will take place at the Castle of Good Hope. “Celebration, freedom, I am a free people”, these were the words spoken by the free slaves.


 After a long wait for freedom, in 1826 a policy was adopted that allowed slaves to buy their freedom. Some had built up savings by paying their owners to allow them to seek paid work. Others were bought by their family and friends who had gained their freedom and were working in the town. Thus there was a marked decrease in the number of slaves in Cape Town and an increase in the number of 'free blacks'. They created a large pool of labour, many with skills as artisans.

Finally, emancipation was passed in the British Empire and slaves were set free on 1 December 1834, although they had to serve a further four years as 'apprentices'. The freed slaves took the streets in celebration, and began the tradition of the Cape Carnival.

It is therefore opportune that today, the Castle of Good Hope community will commemorate the Emancipation of Slavery Day.


Details of the event:

Date: 30 November 2016

Venue: Castle of Good Hope, Cape Town

Time: 17h00


Naomi Madima

012 336 4006/ 060 961 3851




Lydia Howard

021 488 5060/ 086 691 5060

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