“Heritage for National Unity and Social Cohesion”


 The first ever to be presented in a South African Museum, is the Storytelling programme. Freedom Park Storytelling is an all-age group artwork encompassing a sub facet of indigenous knowledge systems in the genre of oral tradition. The Freedom Park Storytelling is an independent art form where performances happen in four epochs as a method where it is intertwined with educational programmes. It also connects to general museum tours with the aim of educating, healing, preserving culture and nation building. We would do no justice if we don’t mention that our storytelling is also performed to people with special needs, hence we even have a deaf performance in place.


  • Museum storytelling performances
  • Annual Storytelling
  • Workshops & Seminars
  • Storytelling Book sales

Annual Report 2018/19

2019 Freedom Park Annual Report

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what's on

Thu Nov 14 @12:00AM
Pan African Cultural Experience
Fri Nov 15 @12:00AM
Pan African Cultural Experience
Sat Nov 16 @12:00AM
Pan African Cultural Experience

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With its award-winning architecture, breath-taking views of Pretoria and incredible atmosphere, Freedom Park offers an ideal venue for all events.

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