Guided/Self-guided fee

This fee applies to all guided and self-guided activities conducted at Freedom Park

Description Visitor type Ticket type     Fees


South African citizens and Residents

(Grade R–Grade 12) Guided/self-guided fee R         40
Tertiary students Guided/self-guided fee R         40
Pensioner & PWD Guided/self-guided fee R         40
Adult Guided/self-guided fee R         60


Overseas visitors

All categories of overseas visitors

Guided/self-guided fee




STO rates for Tour Operators/booking agencies/travel agents rates

  • There is an increase demand from tour operators to visit Freedom Park on packaged tours
  • This demand is likely to spark once the restaurant start operating
  • The application of the standard tour operator rates at Freedom Park for the first time is likely to attract many tour operating companies to send buses to Freedom Park
  • The standard tour operator rate is always determined as a percentage of the rack rate or the standard rate the destination charge to its visitors.
  • In applying the rates below, Freedom Park should consider entering into some form of agreements with the Tour Operator/booking agencies/travel agents concerned.
  • It is therefore proposed that the rates should be applied as follows:
  • That an STO rate of 10% be applied to  Tour Operators bringing visitors to Freedom Park
  • That a further 15 % rate be applied to all Tour operators/booking agencies/travel agents who bring an average of 350 visitors per month or at least a minimum of 15 visitors per day.
  • That a maximum 20% rate be applied to all tour operators/booking agencies/travel agents who bring an average of 500 visitors per month or at least a minimum of 20 visitors per day.

Accredited Tourist guides concessions

  • Freedom Park should not charge accredited tourist guides bringing visitors to the Park.
  • However, for Tourist guides to qualify for the above, they should have their name badges on upon their visit.
  • External tourist guides must demonstrate that they know Freedom Park tour script should they want to guide their visitors
  • Therefore special product knowledge workshops should be rendered to acquaint tourist guides about Freedom Park
  • Given the significance of the Freedom Park tour script, tourist guides who cannot demonstrate knowledge of Freedom Park should subject their visitors to Freedom Park tourist guide services

Annual Report 2018/19

2019 Freedom Park Annual Report

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