Youth Day Celebrations

Freedom Park proudly presents a Youth Day Event on 10 June comprising an Interfaith Prayer and a Dialogue The theme for the Dialogue is “Youth in an Intergenerational Society”

In Youth Month we remember the vital role that our youth played in attaining the democracy and freedom we enjoy today. It is also important to know that in honouring and remembering these heroes, we’ve been deliberately inclusive. We’re telling the story of reconciliation and unity and honouring all those who died for freedom and humanity. Understanding who we are and where we come from is central to activities at Freedom Park.

Our elders have gifted us our beautiful heritage and the freedom we appreciate today. We believe that without their wisdom we will lose a link with our own identities and heritage. The elders also played a significant role in the design of Freedom Park. An Indigenous Knowledge Committee was established comprising elders from different communities and Freedom Park’s design is largely inspired by these dialogues. This spirit of tolerance and respect for unity in diversity did not come cheaply – it is a product of our struggles. It is the experience and insight that only comes from living through something. We know that we can go to our elders for advice and guidance. Why? Because they have the experience and knowledge.


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What's On

26 Jun 2022;
09:00AM - 03:00PM
Multi choice True Icon Media event
28 Jun 2022;
09:00AM - 04:00PM
Risk Management training
28 Jun 2022;
09:00AM - 04:00PM
Risk Management training

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