Ungasali Storytelling Festival 11 March 2023

We are ecstatic that an array of dynamic Storytellers will form part of our 10th Storytelling Festival. Listening to stories and passing them down over generations is part of our culture. But in the last 10 years, storytelling has come to the fore as a craft, with professional storytellers taking tales of different cultures, histories, and ideologies to captivated audiences.  

We at Freedom Park are fortunate to have this unit to entertain the public but more importantly young people. Storytellers not only inspire us and motivate us, but they can also educate us, create movements, and help us to open our minds to all the possibilities that life has to offer.

This year the festival’s theme is National Unity, Healing and Renewal. Preceding the main event will be many outreach programs to schools, institutions, and communities.


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09 Dec 2023;
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