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Celebrating Charlotte Mannya Maxeke - 7 April 1872

7th April is a special day as we celebrate a phenomenal Woman in the Struggle, Charlotte Maxeke. Today Google Honours South Africa's Mother of Black Freedom on her 151st Birthday.

We honour and pay tribute to Mme Charlotte Maxeke. She was an individual whose every action was expressive of her extraordinary intellect, diligence, determination, courage, dedication to the highest ideals and principles, and love of God.

“She excelled in all fields of academia. She was taught under the tutelage of Pan-Africanist scholar and proponent Dr. W.E.B Du Bois and received an education that was focused on developing her as a future missionary in Africa. In the late spring of 1903, Charlotte Mannya achieved two very memorable things. She became the first black South African woman to earn a university degree, and she was betrothed to a fellow countryman and graduate, Dr. Marshall Maxeke.”

We are certain that her values and beliefs will inspire our women to greatness, and to ensure that the memory and legacy of our liberation heroines are promoted and preserved.


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