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Kagiso/COSAS Four Commemoration at Freedom Park

This year marks the 43 Anniversary of the Congress of South African Students (COSAS). History confirms to us that students played a phenomenal, and indeed gallant role in the liberation struggle.

To date, 16 June 1976 remains one of the outstanding pinnacles in the students’ resolve to challenge the heinous education policies that were imposed by the Apartheid regime on African students. It is during this tumultuous episode that a myriad of students were killed and some imprisoned. As if the 1976 mayhem was not sufficient in the eyes of the oppressors, in 1982 students were again on the receiving end from the brutality of the Apartheid forces.

This time around four students were brutally bombed by the Apartheid forces in collaboration with those who sold out the gains of the liberation struggle. This time around Fanyana Nhlapho, Madikane Bimbo, Peter Matabane, and Sandisile Musi were lured into the outskirts of Kagiso Township where a bomb was impetuously detonated unto them. The first three Comrades succumbed to this atrocious act, while the fourth Comrade – Sandisile Musi miraculously survived this merciless onslaught with gruesome injuries. In remembrance and recognition of the contribution of these four COSAS struggle icons, the current COSAS leadership visited Freedom Park on 31 May 2022 to salute the Kagiso/COSAS Four whose names are inscribed on the Wall of Names.


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