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To Battle Cry and Song is a collection of poems and freedom songs that portray my life as a member of the South African liberation movement. It presents what happened to me, in me, at different times and places. This did not happen in a vacuum. The first of the verses were triggered and inspired by the death of a great revolutionary and son of this continent – the great Patrice Emery Lumumba - the first Prime Minister of the Democratic Republic Congo, which became independent on June 30, 1960. The brutal murder of Patrice Emery Lumumba in Elisabethville (Lubumbashi), ex-Katanga Province (Shaba) in January 1961, at the hands of Moise Tshombe, Godefroid Munongo, Belgian paratroopers in collusion with the CIA affected me and spurred me to start writing some lines from an inspirational point of view. He was handed over to his arch-enemies in Katanga by Joseph Desire Mobutu, Joseph Kasavubu, Cysril Adoula and other members of what was known as the ‘Binza Group’ so that he be killed, because he was seen as dangerous to the interests of Belgium, and the USA and her allies of the NATO alliance, who were involved in the East/West conflict or Cold War.

It was from the time of his assassination that I started writing. Unfortunately, the first poems which included the one on Lumumba, got lost after I had left them with a friend when I was on the run. These poems were written while I was in the country on the run, in Bechuanaland, in Tanganyika, in the refugee and military camps, in the DRC and in the USA where I went to school. They are an expression of the ups and downs of my life, the struggle, my aspirations, anxieties, concerns, perspectives, beliefs, convictions and how I saw the struggle as a revolutionary nationalist and Pan Africanist.

In relation to the current status quo in South Africa, they may be seen as outdated; but as part of the history of the struggle of the African People for national liberation and Africanism, they are still very relevant. They constitute the legacy of  a generation of resistance that has lived to see and enjoy the fruits born of sacrifices they made so that you and I are what we are today – rid of apartheid colonialism, white minority rule, white supremacy, humiliation and social degradation.

This is how I ask you to look at, appreciate and understand these verse. Read them and understand them in their historical context. They also remind us not to forget who we are, where we come from and how we came to be where we are today. We remain poor, underdeveloped, unskilled, and still dominated by those who oppressed and exploited us yesterday. They remind you and I that there is unfinished work still to be done and completed. There is therefore no time to sleep or relax. It is Uhuru na Kazi as the slogans goes in Tanzania, that is, Freedom and Work.

Izwe Lethu! I-Africa! Forward Ever, Backward Never! Phamberi ne Chimurenga, Phamberi!



(Mangaliso Robert Sobukwe’s voice)

To us over waters and mountains

Hills, valleys and plains

By waves, echoes and air –

These ministers of all times

The Golden Voice come carrying

Quivering and full of fire –

That stainless spirit divine

Never by time and pace tarnished

Nor by circumstance or tribulation

Comes pouring strains cutting

Cutting deep down roots of conscience

Leaving the weak and sick

Shaking and wavering

Falling and prostate

For want of your metal

That food of the starving

River of the thirsting

Prop of the falling

Reviver of the fainting

That made you Defier of the Undefiable

Call with that magic voice

That to us wonders revealed

By leaving stark naked

The evil, arrogance and myth

Upon which white supremacy rests

Call and tire not

Direct and res assured

For by you we stand fall

Daily toiling and sweating

Bleeding and dying

Till freedom is won

Izwe Lethu!



My heart is heavy with grief

My eyes brimming with hot tears

In this my forlorn state

When I think of yore

When my country with pride I roamed

Deeply in love its beauty

Which a mark of joy in me left

A scar that forever pulls me home

Away from thee I drift

By time and space pushed

Yet the stronger the cord becomes

When further away from thee I go

How painful this demarcation

How merciless and callous

To create two worlds in me

The now and the aspired

Oh! How glorious the aspired

This now seeming world of fantasy

That lives only in minds of men

That must yet inevitable come

Come it will one day

When this fairy world will away

And with it the race myth

And a world of reality born

Born of the blood and heroism

Of the might of the invincible

The masses of the African down-trodden

The last and yet the determining factor

Izwe Lethu!


Far ahead lies our goal

Ours are fields unconquered

The way to them is thorny

The race to them is fierce

Many by the wayside fall

Ours is an ideal to achieve

By day and by night

The burning is steady forward

Forward to the new era

The attainment of sovereignty

To fight and not to yield

To dare and not to fear

To strive and not to rest

To hope and not to despair

All are props to our goal

We fight not for grievances

That by bread may be appeased

Ours is a noble cause

Most just and sacred

To win back our raped rights

You fools adamant and stupid

Feign not to know this

Enough let this be an eye opener

Stop the vain talk of Bantustans

For this impresses us not

Undermine not our determination

Pooh-pooh not our aspirations

Ours is a dear demand

Every square inch of this soil

And no rest till this won.

Izwe Lethu!


Come, come all the fore

You the dusky sons of the soil

You the flowers of our land

You the daring and unrelenting

You the free from many shackles

Matrimony and other binding cares

To the fore yourselves array

Our land from the plunderers wrest

You the vanguard of our nation

You the hopes of Black posterity

You the pride of our land

You the vigorous and determined

Come, the call is to you

To you and your future

Vow not to live as slaves

But fight to live as free men

Cheer them up mothers and fathers

Weary not with worry and anxiety

For Africa’s call has been made

Once and for all times to her youth

Their response have they made

In delight, have they received the call

Forward, carry they it

Forward to fulfil their pledge

Africa must be free

Independent and one

From Cape to Cairo

Morocco to Madagascar

Izwe Lethu!


My heart is read with gore

My bosom hot with hate

When an alien I seem to be

On thee Sunny South Africa

Sunny South that was mine

Thou who by gun-point was taken

Thou who by gun-point art held

Thou Sunny South Africa

Thou art my heritage

Bequeathed by my forebears

In turn to my progeny

Thou Sunny South Africa

Under bloodsuckers thou art now

Whose unswerving bulldog tenacity

Thy strength with brutality sap

Thou Sunny South Africa

Thou art full of paradoxes

Hunger ravages they children

Amidst overflowing plenty

Thou Sunny South of riches

A land of seeming calms

Yet storms are gathering

From within and without

Thou Sunny South Africa

For centuries three and years

Thou art with whips and scorpions

To the very marrow scourged

Thou Sunny South of patience

On and on thou drudged

Already benumbed with pain

To a point of no return

Thou hardy Sunny South

Toughened and hardened thou art

Rough and ready thou art

To unleash the final blow

Thou Sunny South Africa

Thy sons hardened as thou

Heart of stone and steel

Toughened by time and tribulation

Thou sunny South Africa

To freedom or to death

To independence for all times

That is their avowed pledge

To thee Sunny South Africa

To liberation and to dignity

To Pan-Continental fraternity

Then to comity all nations

With thee Sunny South Africa

Izwe Lethu!



Amidst storms ravaging

In seas raging

In darkness pitch

The star flickers on

Forward forever sailing

Forever sparkling

Forever beckoning

To ends far away

Further away into the deep

The deep blue of perils

The star continues to move on

And never fading

It is the star of freedom

The star of hopes

The fount of inspiration

That forever shines

Shining forever guiding

To goals of glory

To goals of nationhood

To pan-Continental fraternity

Izwe Lethu!



I see in this young morn

The glories of our past

The era of our heroes

Men who to heights of fame

By many battles rose

I see them reappear

In their fullest armour

With their spears and shields

Dancing as they sing

To battle array and fame

To battle cry and song

All warriors rally

To fatherland and cattle

Wives, children and crops

Against the enemy defend

For the fatherland they fell

And only rose to live again

Conspicuous by their heroic deeds

Proclaimed and praised

By time and history

That preserver and unfolder

That brought home to us

The glories of our past

That awakened in us

The spirit of our heroes

Warriors who fought to preserve

The integrity of our land

Encroached upon by foreigners

Driven by hunger and adventure

On fatherland settled

Awake then warrior’s spirit

Steel me to take arms again

To continue the battles

Begun by my forebears

To reconquer the fatherland

Izwe Lethu!


Awake and lift up your eyes

And the wonders above see

There is a star shining brightest

It is a morning star

That heralds the birth of a new era

Unto us a new era is born

Born of the sweat and blood

That continue dripping and flowing

From the brows and unhealing wounds

Opened at Sharpeville and Langa

The wounds open wider

And cry louder

In welcome to this era

That brought with it Poqo

The purist healer

Poqo the flame destined

To cleanse the disease and evil

That long plagued and harrowed

Choked and destroyed

The entire Black race

Poqo the scapegoat

The scare of the white racists

The cause of terror and hysteria

The word that horror and death

And the end of white domination spells

Poqo the champion and bulwark

Of the rights and aspirations

The source of fire and inspiration

The beacon and ship of freedom

Of the African people

Poqo the militant

Determined and unrelenting

Defying and ever unfolding

A programme ever challenging

To meet the demands of the day

Ours are days of the sword and blood

And of sacrifices supreme

And Poqo the flexible

The tested and daring

Takes to action

Action that once decided

Planned and launched

Remains irrevocable

Carried out in its entirety

Till freedom is won

Izwe Lethu!


Arise young South Africa

Arise and to expectation lift

For you many pages remain

For you a lot yet undone

For you a world to decide for –

The path to humanity or race

Arise and sober up

For you the path is rough

For you the goal is far

That calls for highest values

Born of faith and devotion

Steeled by our epic struggles

Arise and learn

The path to armed struggle

The path to life and death

For you all paths closed

Save one open-

The path to perpetual slavery


Oh South Africa!

The land of my fathers

My native land

My raped heritage

How I yearn to see you again

To see you being thyself

Removed off all the mire

Which for long soiled thee

Rid of all he parasites

Which for long on thee hung

How they beauty I miss

Thy meadows green and flowered

Thy valleys. Rivers and mountains

Which in me pleasure tickles

And love for my country arouse

How I miss thy sweet melodies

Echoed high in the mountains

Pervading far in the thick forests

Carried by rivers to all corners

Yet from mouths unlettered

Songs of peace and joy

Sung to praise and pray

The gods of my country

For gifts plenteous

Bounteously offered

How I miss my country folk

The fairer and sterner sexes

Those in chains and the disease stricken

The living and the dead

How I hate to see thee all downtrodden

Hold on

For upon South Africa I come

Like an avalanche I descend

Armed rough and ready

To crush the bulwarks of racism

My country and my people

Though art free now

Forward in unison let us march

Forward to nation-building

Forward to Pan-Continental fraternity

Izwe Lethu!


Down to grave dispatched

Down to resting place

Victim of racist torture

Victim of his people’s rights

Victim of centuries of strife

That to grave many led

And in grief many left

That retribution demand

To common unworthiness

The common lot of all Africans

That’s to them all allotted

By the racist oppressors

Who no real challenge brook

Nor the human African accept

Yesterday ‘twas Biko

Today ‘tis you Sobukwe

Tomorrow ‘twill be another

Yet no end seems nigh

For the list is getting longer

The toll heavier and heavier

The sky darker and darker

As the mourners the sun cloud

To lead the dead to final rest

Thousands have trailed this path

Leading our nation’s heroes to rest

Those who fell at Sharpeville

And those recently at Soweto

Our tears are still dripping

Our blood still flowing

Torture and death our daily lot

Yet still full of patience

Patience in all suffering

Hunger, disease, torture and death

The lot of the African in Azania

When’s the day of reckoning

The hour of the African man

When in the streets, forests and valleys

Over mountains, hills and plains

The white racists shall meet

And piecemeal reverse committed

Thus avenge Sobukwe and others

Martyred at the hands of the white racists

To inspire us and our progeny

To continue the liberation struggle began by our forefathers

Till real freedom is won

Izwe Lethu!



I walk this night

With light footed

As though a feather

Fleeing from before a storm

I walk this night

Out of myself

As though a wanderer

That no purpose has

I walk this night

Numb of stone

Indifferent to the breeze

Which the night invades

I walk this night Deaf of the din

Of this world

Wherein I walk

I walk the night

In silence of death

In its mute and beauty

Asif alone I’m in this wide world

I walk this night

Immersed in thoughts

My whole being in one

As though of unicellular Im become

I walk the night

Under the deep inky canopy

With diamond sparkling stars

And new moon sailing above

Sailing forever beckoning to new lovers

And lonely hearts

To keep her company

Ah! Me a lonely heart

That company and comforter needs

Far with her I walk

Till yonder horizon

But alas! The moon is gone

No sooner am I alone

No companion and comforter

But a Mere Lonely Heart in Exile

Izwe Lethu!


Our moon is doomed

Ere it is past

Far and fast in decline

Our sun nigh hill-tops

Gone it is forever

Never to ne reversed

Till itself in hills yonder

To hiding and to rest

Up ‘tis now sunrise

But to us ‘tis dark

Our noon we never saw

What a stride we took!

What a gap we left!

How incomplete our life!

How unstable our being!

But who to call to question?

Is it our hurry to decay?

Nay, time otherwise fate

To our sunset in haste

Ere our noon us it carried

How moving to see

A sight so touching

How heart-telling to listen

To cries so sorrowful

How crushing to feel

A bag so heavy

All upon youth’s bloom

Whose noon to sun-set hastened

Far in exile we are

All touch of home gone

All feelings parental futile

By time and space cut

Others behind bars decay

Under torturous and murderous

Chains and whips subjected

To daily labour and no rest

To you the noon is past

To you the sun is set

Never again for you to rise

Save for your progeny

Izwe Lethu!



Divest thyself of all illusions

Cast thy blinkers off

And thy sole self become

For which reality thou art grappled now

This is just the beginning

The end is not nigh

The journey is longest

The road full of thorns

The race away is smooth

The race towards rough and fierce

Many by the wayside fall

Even ere the broil begins

Many more will fall

Many more will rise

To continue the race

Till the goal is reached

To pioneers we say bravo!

For the gates are now opened

The road to freedom clear

Beckoning to all prepared

Up the challenge let’s take

With courage and determination

Ahead forge let us

Against the enemy let’s fall

Over him let’s trample

The glories of our blood let’s enjoy

Into a new era let’s enter –

The liberation of the Fatherland.

Izwe Lethu!


These are moments of truth

Moments ruthless and cold

Moments cut and dry

Which no empty words honour

Save decisions and deeds

Come out you dusky sons of the soil

You the dedicated and committed

Out in your true colours

For your worth on platforms we know

Out into action

Come out to the fore

As the call of the hours runs

Join the already arrayed forces

The faithful and decisive

The daring and unrelenting

Come out to honour your pledge

Make no mockery of your oath

Stick on to your guns

Waver not for a moment

Lest a Judas you become

Come out with your heads high

Flinch not from before the decadent

For history is on your side

Which your reinforcement need

To throw the decisive blow

Come out at once

And listen with great care

For the sound of the clarion is one and clear

Doubt not its meaning

Lest its knowledge you deny

There are voices either than it

Voices of opportunists

Voices of cowards and traitors

Voices endowed with glib

Voices that for a time mislead

Listen not to those

Save the simple, yet pregnant

The voice of truth

The voice of all times

The voice of the people

The voice full of force

The voice which countries guide

The voice which no match has

The voice which to the very ground Colonialism and imperialism razed

Take care then son of the soil

Waver nor cower not

Be decisive and daring

Let’s you be swept with the tide

And be cursed for all times

Izwe Lethu!


Far amidst the waters of Africa

Deep in cauldrons of swirls

Revolves the spirit of freedom

That has ever haunted the shores

The voice of Makana has called

Called for a century and years

But never was it answered

For none was yet born

Sobukwe blessed is your name

For the choice among all is on you

The voice from across the holy waters

To Robben Island Robert it called

The idle and to decay

To peril and to death

Away has the Golden Voice

From the masses taken

A word can never be withdrawn

Only a finger can thus be

So despair not to be there

For your voice is with us

It is the daily bread of our spirit

It is sustenance to our body and soul

That for which our brows

Daily drip and never dry

Far and beyond you’re now

But to us shall it be brought

By waves and echoes

Over waters vast and mountains high

To its tune shall we dance

To carry out our pledge

Once and for all times

To liberate our Fatherland

Izwe Lethu!


To sleep here you cannot

Save for to sleep in yonder city

For yonder rest is never to awake

But here sleep is strength to recover

With vitality and with vigour

The morn and day through

To bed with energy sapped

The energy rebuild the night in

With docility into servitude

From far back in corridors of time

The yoke with patience and quietude

To times explosive you borne

But time forever moves

For ever moving and unfolding

What to us are wonders

For to us unknown they were

Life forever moves as time

Colours new forever assuming

For side by side with time itruns

To ends unknown they were

Life forever moves as time

Colours new forever assuming

For side by side with time it runs

To ends unknown but to fate alone

Awake then tools of fate

For you all is cut and dry

In readiness yourselves array

To throw in your lot with time

Izwe Lethu!


Afrikaners themselves they call

Afrikaner from Africa

But fools they still are

For European they still cling

Double allegiances its clear they owe

To Europe spiritually they belong

On Africa in concrete they are

Hence false their nationalism

To African Bantu they refer

Foreign to the soil he seems

Though direct to the soil attached

Hence true his nationalism

At war the two forces are

Face to face in the grim

The one between Africa and Europe lingers

The other on Africa rooted

Divided the former stands

United the latter from birth

For on Africa it’s born and bred

But the other from Europe sprang

Shaken it is bound to go

When the other itself entrenches

Dashed to the ground shall it go

To battle let us therefore go

Up in arms against the forces of evil

Up with the banner of truth

Down to declivity let’s falsehood crush

Afrikaners shall have been swept

Afrikaans shall have ceased to be

Bantu shall be erased

Africans and Africa reborn

Izwe Lethu!


Give me strength enough

Strength not of virility

But strength of spirit

To sustain me throughout

Throughout the steepy times

Thorough tempests ravaging

Through fires scorching

That I may not crack

Let my armour be patience

Courage and determination

My shield and my sword

Be firmness and discipline

At no time should I waver

Cower and be abject

Or be open to temptations

But make me fortress impregnable

A fortress invincible

Against the enemies of my inner person

My soul and mind

That I may have peace and tranquillity

That in the end may say

I’m equal and above the task

In body and soul

For the test of time I stood

Yet without a blemish

But with my head towering high

Firmly standing for three virtues

Truth, Right and Justice

Izwe Lethu!


Friend, this is a dark night

A night I yet have to see

For many more lie ahead

Nights full of nothing but despair

‘Tis cold night as well

Cold that blood freezes

Yet no furnace have I

To thaw my ice cold body

Never a nap hope I to taste

For this is a stormy night

A night fraught with confusion

A night of havoc and misery

‘Tis may be nearest dawn

Yet it may still be the hour of doom

For uncertainty reigns

And despair dispels all hopes

From the East the sun may yet rise

And the terror of night depart

Warmth returned

And life restored

Tranquil and calm may yet come

When storms of destruction depart

All mists cleared

Peace and harmony returned

Izwe Lethu!


Listen ye mountains

Rivers, valleys and plains

Ye fauna and flora

And all that on Africa are

Listen ye great and small

Ye young and old

Ye the living and the dead

And ye yet to be born

Listen to the echoes of time

That re-echo and chime

The joy that’s born

Out of the toil of the sworn

Listen to the echoes of time

That re-echo and chime

The boy that’s born

Out of the toil of the sworn

Listen and relay the tiding

By speed of lighting

From lips to lips

And village to village

Stir you fingers adept

That our arts kept

Touch the drums of our land

Our heritage that’s at hand

Play on our folk songs

To folk dance in joyous throngs

To further pass on the message

By tunes at time’s vantage

From frontier to frontier

Let the message tear

The boundaries arbitrary

By force unitary

Ring our hearts to ecstasy

And remind us our legacy

To our fathers by our forebears left

In turn to us by our fathers left

Awake then let’s the cause resume

And each his duty assume

And with steadfast strides

To recapture our rights

To fatherland that’s encroached

By foreigners entrenched

To battle array let’s go

For nothing but our chains to forgo

Izwe Lethu!


Sing me to joy and ecstasy

That I may to heights

Above the clouds

With thee fly

In thine happy moods

Far above this ground

Where pressure upon me is heaviest

The din of this world loudest

That I may in freedom

 And peace there lodge

Carry me further away

Nearest the stars

That their companion

I may become

And there with them dangle

Dangle and sparkle

In the deep inky blue

In regions cool and airy

Silent as of the grave

There to hermitage recede

Retreat and rest

From striving not unmixed

With stinking vices

From hearts ever intriguing

Acts full of malice

Acts others clothed

In words virtuous

By sweet tongues spit

With sweet fervent adept

Yet without poison –

That black inscrutable

Inwardness of every being

Clothed in outward fairness

Yet a crude and corroding

Inwardly diffused  carrion

Izwe Lethu!


Pour like splendour sun

Thy magical voice of joy

That stirs sleeping hearts

From their sweet dreams of morn

As night lingers on the verge of dawn

Sing bird of morn

Thy joyous melodies

In strains free and diverse

For you fear and anxiety knowest thou not

For you today and tomorrow are one

Sing from thy heaven

King of trees

That reigns in the dark shades of peace

Where pervades the silent breeze

That fans thy only leafy subjects

Pour tiny torrents forth

And awake the world to life

As night departs and day appears

With it the mass upsurge forward

As every worker his sinews prepares

Sing and raise higher

Thy stirring strains

As the workers their banners

High in the skies of struggle raise

To smash the chains of wage slavery

Izwe Lethu!

FROM ACCRA to ADDIS ABABA: 1958 – 1963

From the plains of Accra

Up to highlands of Ethiopia

The tumultuous of thy voice

Rolled, rose and soared

To heights continental

Out of the doldrums

A hurricane burst

Sweeping with might ruthless

From the North Down south

Settling the awakening giant rocking

From far and near

The warnings of the thunderbolts

Rolled, rumbled and re-echoed

As the gale gathered momentum

Strength, direction and meaning

The voice that was for centuries

Never heard and listened to

Never before reckoned with

But only stifled and ridiculed

Cracked with might invincible

Boom …went it

Over plains, valleys and mountains

By rivers and all fluids

Across the awakening giant

Like and epidemic spread

Up against it

Wall of reaction rose

But with might peerless and cold

Shook, uprooted and flattened

Their entrenched fabrics and citadels impregnable

From the metropolis the cry re-echoed

The forces of imperialism

Colonialism and racialism

Brothers in the game of intrigues

Brutal bloodsuckers rallied and conspired

To forestall, direct and reverse

The inevitable wheel of time

And Africa’s chosen destiny

Directed and in the hands

Of her sons and daughters

Alas! The race is begun

‘Tis too late tardy one

Thou lag far behind

The fight fierce and advanced

For the decadent to cope

Ahead Africa marches on

As if unheeding yet vigilant

Ever striving to be free

One and independent

Herself, in dignity and in equality with all

Izwe Lethu!


The sunset shines

With glittering crimson

As the mighty river Congo

Majestically glides down

Towards the western shores

Meandering as with pains

Through mountains and valleys

Groping from far

Under dense forests

Yet with a mighty force –

That’s bearing all burdens

Of this staggering nation

Stung by birth pangs

Arising from ages of wrong

Repression and untold suffering

Mighty Congo!

Life of the Congolese

Power of this powerless nation

How inspiring to see you again

And yet how heart breaking

My eyes fill with tears

My heart beats faster

As I look at you

For thou art red with blood

Spilt at the battle of Stan –

Where naked power of imperialism

Under cloak of humanitarianism

Repeated its celebrated barbarism

Not unknown in all history

As the civilising mission

I see on your tides

The upsurge of this slow

Yet emerging nation

Of resources unbounded

Pushing ahead with hope and faith

And on your banks

Hanging on to a straw

I see the last vestiges

Of colonialism crying for help

Drowning and washed to sea

And your waves carrying with them

The echoes of the orphans

And the widows of the fallen

Whose blood cry for retribution

As your waters roll ahead

Ahead down to sea of troubles

That continues raging with intensity

As the masses put up resistance

Against reaction and neo-colonialism

To the bitter end till their triumph

Remember the landing of Belgian paratroopers on Stanleyville (Kisangani) 1965 dropped by American carrier planes to dislodge the Lumumbists led by Gbenya and Soumialot under the pretext of protecting Belgian citizens and missionaries.


Dark beauty of ages

Virgin’s pride of our times

Whose dark far reaches

Unknown and untouched remain

Opens like a flower as the sun rises

Our sun is rising

And the rays quickly spread

With splendour unsurpassed

To expel all the darkness

That long gripped Africa.

Gripped her body and mind

Never to move or think an inch

For as long as this dark lid

Over Africa’s head hovered

To keep her in dark ages of slavery

Dark these forces of darkness called her

And in this darkness her children groped

Struggling daily in their photo-tropism

To reach this denied light

For which they so long yearned for

At last their heads emerged

Jutting far above all

For from far they come

Crushing and removing all obstacles

In their struggle to reach the sun

Their sun have they reached now

And create a place in it

For Africa’s dynamic and potential force

Invested in her sons and daughters

To guide his perverse world

Izwe Lethu!





PAC e re etile pele

Ka boganka le ikemisetso

PAC e re isa kgolosegong

PAC e re isa boipusong

E re:

Tsogang emeng

Emang tlhomelang

Tlhomelang lwanang

Swelang setshaba

Swelang Azania

Sobukwe o a goa

O goa setlhakatlhakeng

Gare ga metsi dikotsing

O re ntshabeleng morago

O re:

Tsogang emang

Emang tlhomelang

Tlhomelang lwanang

Swelang setshaba

Swelang Azania

Kodu yagwe e duma gotlhe

Dithabeng le dipoweng

Meeding le dipoweng

Meeding le melatswaneng

E tla go rona ma-PAC

E re:

Tsogang emang

Emang tlhomelang

Tlhomelang lwanang

Swelang setshaba

Swelang Azania.


Ke utlwa botlhoko

Ke tlhoga pelo

Ga ke gopola gae

Moragong matlhokong

Mathateng dikotsing

Dillong le dintshong

Mo khutso e seng teng

Khutso, botshelo, iketlo (2)

Tsala tsame

Batlhabani ba boganka

Ba ile kgolegong

Bangwe ba bolailwe

Ka ntlha ya nnete

Ditshwanelo tsa rona

Le go lwantsha bo kgoba

Puso ya basweu (2)



Up with banner of war

For the long and arduous journey won

Forward together let us march

Forward to army building

Forward in unity

Viva viva mto mnyama

Viva Sobukwe

Viva Poqo sikhokhele

Sithembe wena


Up with the banner of peace

For the truth, right and justice won

Forward together let us march

Forward in unity

Viva viva mto mnyama

Viva Sobukwe

Viva Poqo sikhokele

Sithembe wena

Annual Report 2019/20

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