Virtual Tour

virtual tour

The amphitheatre serves as a multi-purpose venue for major national events or celebrations.

A visit to Freedom Park is a liberating, spiritually cleansing and inspirational experience: a pilgrimage to dispel the myths and prejudices that have concealed and distorted the image and achievements of South Africans.

Take some time and explore our park through our virtual tour.

virtual tour screenshot

You can navigate through this tour section in any order your chose. To start, simply click the main menu button at the top right-hand side of the page.

Once you have entered the virtual tour section you can select:

  •  A quick help guide to navigating the virtual tour, or
  •  Open the virtual tour and select which elements of the park you would like to visit.

On the right-hand side is an option to play our music track, or to put it on pause.

Take your time, look around and enjoy the tour.